Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here!

    • Where are you at now?

    • Embrace the Process

  • 2

    BLE Perk Up Workbook

    • Perk Up! Workbook

  • 3

    Turn Being Unhappy into Gratitude

    • BLE Presentation - GratitudeMakesYouHappier

    • Being Consistently Unhappy Impacts

  • 4

    BLE Perk Up eBook and Audiobook

    • Perk-Up-eBook-Enhanced

    • Perk Up Audiobook Part 1

    • Perk Up Audiobook Part 2

    • Perk Up Audiobook Part 3

    • Perk Up Audiobook Part 4

  • 5

    Some key things to do...

    • BLE Perk Up Checklist

    • Use Essential Oils

    • Eat to Improve Your Mood

  • 6


    • EFT Mood Boost

    • Daily Optimism Report

What you will get...

You will learn several ways to help improve your mood overall

  • Learn tips on improving your mood including things you can do immediately to have an impact

  • Implement key principles right away to help with instant mood boosts

  • Learn what may be getting in your way of creating your Best Lyfe

Bonus materials

Get additional FREE access to the below resources

  • Bonus Daily Optimism Tips Report

    Get access to a FREE daily optimism report to learn additional ways to help improve your mood.

  • Bonus eBook

    Download a FREE eBook about EFT solutions which can immediately impact and boost your mood.